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Pond and hill garden (Samurai garden)

What is pond and hill garden?

KenrokuenThis type of garden used to be owned by feudal lord in samurai days, occasionally zen buddesm temples have smaller type of this garden though.

The garden has big pond, stream, hill, and tea house.

Sometimes, tea ceremony was held at the tea house near the pond. Samurais enjoyed waterfall or stream over the window.
This garden usually has stone lantern.

Since many deciduous trees are planted, you will see magnificent colour changing in Japanese style garden in Japan. Actually, we can see it not only in the garden but also in nature though.

Where to see pond and hill gardens in Japan?

In traditional cities in Japan e.g. Kyoto, Kanazawa, Okayama, Kumamoto, you will see this type of big garden.



This 110,000m2 back yard used to be owned maeda lord.


Imperial garden, Kyoto, Japan

Ocassionally (twice a year?), Imperial household agency open to the public.

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