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Japanese gardens in summer

Summer is NOT a season of exotic flowers

Summer is the season of exotic flowers in many types of gardens. However, as long as Japanese gardens, summer is a season of green. Many trees make cool shade.

Flowers blooming in summer

Flowers in Japanese gardens in summer are white or purple.

  • Japanese Stewartia (Natsu-tsubaki)
  • Hydrangea
  • Gardenia (Kuchinashi)
  • Water lily
  • Bellflower (Kikyou)
  • Iris
  • Hosta (Giboushi)

The below is a photo of Ilis. They are planted along the stream. As you see, the garden is mainly green and partly purple.

Water lily

Water lilyIn pond, water lilie bloom in June or Auguset in Japan.

Water lily is exceptionaly exotic flower in Japanese garden.
Water lily is the symbol of prajna and mercy Buddhism. We find many lilies especially in temple garden.


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