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Japanese gardens in autumn

Foliage colour is magnificent

Autumn is the most beautiful period in Japanese gardens.

Foliage, in JapanFoliage colour is magnificent.The most typical and the most beautiful tree is maple. Many kinds of maple are planted in Japanese gardens. Each kind of maple has different shape of leaves, different size of leaves. Of course, their foliage colour is very various.Their colour is changing gradually, from green, yellow to red. Some maples begin to change their colour at the middle of Autumn, some of them begin to change their colour at the end of Autumn. So, autumn colour lasts long in Japanese gardens in Japan.


Autumn in Japanese traditional garden in Japan

I have been both of two garden shown below. The left picture is Ritsurin kouen in Kagawa prefecture. The right picture is Kenrokuen in Kanazawa.

These two Japanese gardens are ranked three stars in Michelin green guide japan.

Foliage, in Japan
Ritsurin kouen, Kagawa, Japan
Foliage, in Japan
Kenrokuen, Kanazawa, Japan

Atutually, these places are not the best places to take a picture. There were much more beautiful places in both two Japanese traditional garden.

Autumn colour in nature

Of course, autumn colour is very beautiful in Japanese garden. But also, it is beautiful in nature.
In nature, numerous species trees glow and they change the leaves colour. They make beautiful contrast with evergreen tree.


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