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Types of Japanese garden

There are several styles pf Japanese garden.
The landscape of each gardens are different. Dry landscape garden, well-known as zen garden, dones't have water. On the other hand, some Japanese style garden have pond or stream.
In any case, nature is always respected.
The most important keyword in Japanese garden is the non-symmetrical. In nature, there is no square or triangle. These shapes are made by human.
Some shrubs are well-trimmed like a globe and some hedge trimmed well. But they are maintained with inevitability.

Types of Japanese gardens

The below is basics type. Many gardens merged together and it makes garden more beautiful.

  • Zen garden
    A water less garden.
    The most popular Japanese style garden outside of Japan.
  • Pond and hill garden
    Traditional style garden since 8th century with hill and pond.
    Samurai or noble used to have this type garden.
  • Tea garden
    A garden for tea ceremony. Greenish garden.
    It got very popular after 16 th century.

Home garden in Japan

front yardNot like the United states or other countries, home gardens in Japan are usually small.
Even 30m2 of garden is large in Japan.
Lately, houses in Japan are westernised and the design of the garden follows the design of the houses.

The left is very large front yard in Japan.


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