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Japanese gardens plan and ideas

Japanese garden spirits

Zen garden is a different. It is waterless and less trees. Zen garden is very difficult to create it. It is nice to build it in your back yard. But to build it with understanding what it is is very difficult. To imitate is OK. But to understand the idea, you should know Zen spirit.

In other types gardens, you also need to respect nature, forest, trees, water.

Think about nature. Japanese garden is a reflect of nature in a miniaturized form.

Design a Japanese garden

What type of garden would youlike to plan?

  • Zen garden
    The most difficult garden to create. Here, I woul write how to plan imitation of Zen garden. Basically, zen garden is created with strong policy. I think we are not able to create genuine Zen garden without knowing Zen spirit.

Garden design and ideas

Ornaments should be placed proper places

Many ornaments stuff such as lanttern or water basin may attract you. But artificial stuff are placed with reason. Even though people do not use them anymore, they should be placed proper places.

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