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Each elements has a meaningful purpose in the Japanese garden

Each Japanese garden ornament has a meaningful purpose for its usage in the garden.

Although we do not use it in the daily life any more, still they are placed proper places.


  • Stone lanterns
    Typical ornaments in Japanese style garden.
    Lanterns lights around stone basins, footpaths. They illminate pond or stream, too.
  • Water basin
    Water basin is the place to purify.
    Even an arrangement of stones around a water basin has a meaningful purpose.
  • Shishi-odoshi
    In English, I think it translates as dear scarer. But I am not sure if the other countries have dear scarer.

More functional elements

  • Bamboo fences
    There are many type of bamboo fences. Some of them are screen, some of them are only for indication that not to go over.

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