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Stone lanterns

What is it like?

Stone lanterns in Japanese garden usually have 1-4 legs. I know some lanterns with two legs but they are uncommon.

I was surprised that a Japanese garden in foreign country has it. I was shocked because it was designed by Japanese.

Style of lantern

There are many style of lanterns. The below are common style of lantern.


This style is the most common. The lantern has one long leg and 1.5 m tall.
In Japan, sometimes 50 or more lanterns are placed along the footpath in buddhism temple.
Mostly, lanterns are made with stone. But as long as this lantern, some of them are wooden.


This lantern's function is to illuminate ponds. So, this lantern is lower than Kasuga-gata. Usually this stone lantern has three or four legs.


This lantern is common in Japanese tea garden. The function is to light water basin.

Where to place

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