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Types of bamboo fencing

Bamboo fences in Japanese traditional garden

In Japanese gardens, natural material, such as bamboo or wood are commonly used for fences. These materials are from nature, which is always respected in Japanese gardens.

In Japan, there are various types of bamboo or wooden fences.

Some of them are designed even 16th century and names of fences are from garden designer or monk in the century.

Popular fences in Japanese gardens

These three fences are commonly known.
"Ji" means a temple and "gaki" means a fence in Japanese language.


Ryoanji-gaki is born in Ryoan temple in Kyoto. The structure is similar to lattice fence.


Kinkakuji-gaki is also born in Kyoto. Kinkaku temple is very famous for its golden pavilion. All my attention was the golden temple when I visited there last time. It shows that the fence is very modest maybe.


Kenninji-gaki is from Ken-nin-ji temple. This fence is a blind fence.


This is a very simple and modest fence made from bamboo.

Bamboo fences in home garden in Japan

In home garden in Japan, imitation bamboo fence which is made from plastic are getting popular since humid rot bamboo. Cheap one looks cheap, it is easy to figure out it is not bamboo. But, expensive imitation bamboo is very hard to figure out.

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