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Flowers, ferns, bamboos, mosses


Japanese Bellflower (Kikyou)

This is a perennial flower and family Campanulaceae. Like other campanula, the flower is bell-shaped and colour is light purple..

Leopard plant (Tsuwabuki)

This is an evergreen traditional Japanese garden flower.
Leaves are 10 cm rounded shapes and glossy.

Flower blooms October or November.

In nature, it grows coastal area. It is easy to grow in shadow.

Hosta (Giboushi)

This perennial plant is native to east asia. Hosta has many cultivars. There are numerous shape of leaves and colour of leaves.

The suitable Hosta in Japanese garden is simple one -- not big leaves, not coloured leaves.

Japanese iris (Shoubu)

Cultivated iris are planted in Japanese garden. There are mainly three varieties of ilis.

One is called Hanashoubu which grows in the wet soil.

The other, called Ayame grows in the dry place. Though well drained soil is the best.

Kakitsubata grows between dry and wet area.


Sometimes, ferns are planted in Japanese gardens. They should not be not taller than 1 m to make Japanese nature atmosphire.



Sasa is small bamboo. Actually, sasa is different from bamboo, botanically. In the garden, we consider small bamboo as sasa.

There are numerous native sasa in Japan. Some of them are planted in the garden.

Bamboo (Take)

Bamboo is very strong plant. Big bamboo grows 1 m in a day. The root is also strong. Before planted bamboo, partition under the soil is better, otherwise the garden will be occupied by bamboo.


There are many species mosses in Japan. Japan is a humid country and ideal envoirment for mosses. In gardens, mosses are commonly planted instead of grasses. Even though gardeners don't plant mosses, they grow in native.

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