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Distinctive shrubs for Japanese gardens

Fragrant shrubs in Japanese style garden

Fragrance is not always neccessary in Japanese garden, strong smell is not prefered. But some times plants like bottoms are still planted, especially Japanese style garden.

Winter Daphne (Jinchouge)


This is a evergreen shrub growing up to 1.5 m.

The flower is pale pink with having fragrant and blooms around March in Japan.

Common gardenia (Kuchinashi)


This is also an evergreen shrub growing up to 1.5-3 m.

The flower is pale white with having fragrant and blooms around June or July in Japan.


Sweet olive


This is an evergreen shrub growing up 10 m. The flower is orange.  Cultivations have pale orange or white flower. Fragrant  is very strong. This strong smell may not be suitable in Japanese style garden.

 Rhaphiolepis umbellata(Sharinbai)


This is evergreen. The flower is pale white with having fragrant and blooms around June or July in Japan. Branchs are soft and  are weeped by glossy leaves easily.




Berry shrubs

What important in Japanese garden is nature.Berry trres or shrubs invite birds. At the tea ceremony, people enjoy bird's warbling.

Japanese Aucuba (Aoki)

This is a evergreen shrub commonly planted in Japanese garden. Leaves are 10-15 cm big and 5-7 cm broad. Cultivation with having yellow spot in the leaves are sometimes planted. A berry is 1 cm diameter and red.

Japanese Cheesewood (Tobera)

Japanese cheesewood is native to coastal area in Japan. In Japanese garden, since nature atmosrhipre  is considered, the tree from near sea is not proper. it is good hedge shrubs. Aberry is red and sticky.


Japanese photinia (Kanamemochi)

red robbin

This is a evergreen shrub. Cultivation,  called red-robbin),  is more common currently. When leaves are young, the colour is red, so, trimmed often make the leaves beautiful.

Ligustrum japonicum (Nezumimochi)

This is a evergreen shrub sometimes grows up to 5 m tall or more. Leaves are glossy and thick.
The berry is dark gray amd 1 cm diameter.


Heavenly bamboo (Nanten)

This shrub is actually not a bamboo. This is a suckering evergreen shrub growing to 2 m tall. Leaves are tri-pinnately and 3-4 cm long 1 cm broad. Young leaves are slightly red. Old leaves are purple-green. Berries are 5mm diametre ripening in Autumn. Birds loves this berry in Japan.

Japanese Boxwood (Tsuge)

Japanese boxwood is an evergreen shrub. It grows to 2 m in natural enviroment.
Leaves are 1.5 cm oval. The colour is yellowish when they are young. It changes to dark green.
It is very common hedge plant with bamboo fence.


Mahonia (Hiiragi-nanten)

This evergreen shrub has notched leaves. It is 50 cm tall. A flower is yellow and it blooms around March.
The Berriy is soft and 1 cm diametre.
Mahonia is strong. Sunshine or water is not always necessary.

Japanese andromeda (Asebi)

This evergreen shrub grow to 1-4 m. The leave is 4 cm long and 5 cm broad.
The young leave is red and turn into dark green.
The blooming is April. The flower is bell-shaped and small.

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