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When to go to Kenrokuen

The best season

The highlight of Kenrokuen is Spring and Autumn.

Kenrokuen in Spring

In Spring, cherry blossom (sakura) is beautiful. The petal of flower is slightly pink and every cherry tree makes countless flowers. So, Kenrokuen is filled with pale pink.

The most commonly planted cherry tree in the garden as well as in the whole country is called someiyoshino. The life of someiyoshino is very short. It lasts only one week from blooming until falling, so it must be hard to make an itinerary for tourists from overseas or even tourist from Tokyo or any far place from Kanazawa.


But you will not miss cherries even if you miss someiyoshino, because Kenrokuen has many spices of cherries.

Double-flowered cherry, kenrokuen kikuzakura - literally means kenrokuen chrysanthemumcherry, blooms after May. Kenrokuen is the only place that has this cherry.

And many other cherries are blooming on May.


In Autumn, foliage is beautiful. Deciduous trees changes the leaves color. The most beautiful trees are maple. As mentioned on this page, Japan has lots of spices of maple trees, you can enjoy many colors. Kenrokuen has evergereen like pine tree, so the contlust of them are also beautiful. You can see color on the top of some hill, also you can enjoy the reflection color nearby Kasumigaike.


Kenrokuen has things to see even in Winter. Kanazawa, the city where Kenrokuen is, is located seacoast of central Japan. Kanazawa has snow in winter and the snow is wet because the latitude is only the north latitude 36 still it snows and sea of Japan bring wet snow. Evergerrn trees need a protection from heavy snow, otherwise snow breaks tree's branch. Even this protection is beautiful. Gardeners put up a poll nearby pine tree. Branches are tied up and pulled up by the top of the poll. It's hard to descrube so better it is easy to see pictures.

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