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One of the most beautiful garden in Japan - Kenrokuen

The Japanese people say Kenrokuen is the one of the best garden in Japan.
In fact, not only foreign tourists, but also many Japanese people visit Kenrokuen and it is  a highlight of the city of Kanazawa, where is wel-known as a traditional city like Kyoto.

The location

Kanazawa, where Kenrokuen garden is, is located 500 km away from Tokyo and 250 km away from Kyoto.

From Tokyo, it takes 6 hours by train. From Kyoto, it takes 2 and half hours by train. Night buses are also avelable from both of two cities for budget travellers.


The style of the garden is pond and hill garden. Lots of pine trees are planted in Kenrokuen garden. They make reflection in the biggest pond called Kasumigaike. Kenrokuen is famous for its stone lantern. Normally, ston lantern has one, three or four legs, but the most famous stone lantern, kotoji-tourou has two legs, which is very rare.



Like other Japanese gardens, grand are covered by moss. Gardeners weed the garden everyday in order to keep moss beautiful. It is oviasouly easy to guess to weed without removing moss is difficullt. However skillful Japanese garders make it.


The oldest fountain in Japan

Othr famous thing is Japan's oldest fountain. Though it is not tall at all, you can feel modesty.

When to go

Kenrokuen is the best in any season.

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